Month: August 2015

When Money Talks

I was hapyy that I can be close to some beautiful girls recently. But then I cannot go any further with any of them.
Because what? Because I have nothing to offer. I don’t have money. I am not a rich guy.

These girls are obviously demanding a guy who can make them happy not only emotionally but also financially.
I didn’t say they are material girls. They are just a good girl who wanted to be with a guy who can fulfill their needs and also has a bright future, who can give almost anything they want.

I cannot do anything about it except stepping back, take a sit and think again what is the best for me to do.
This situation honestly makes me frustrated for a moment. But then I realize I have to be focuse to what makes me more happy.

Let’s not do someting I can’t bear.
Forget those daydreaming! Find a girl who suits to me. Be focus to work, earn money as much as I can!
Daydreaming to be with those girls are just wasting of time.
Forget them and take more steps ahead!